Monday, July 6, 2009

Goodbye to you - goodbye to my shoes...

This morning I woke to see the sun streaming in through my closet window shining on my array of shoes. Let me rephrase that - the sun was beaming on my piles of shoes. I live in a 100 year old home and the closets have windows for natural light. Due to refurbishing, my closet door is missing - which I found I actually like. Walking by my closet and seeing pretty things peek out at me makes me happy. Hey - to each their own!

Awakening to this obvious sign - clean your shoes out - I immediately set to work. When was the last time I did this, maybe a year ago? My husband always jokes about how many pairs of shoes I own. I can boil it down to a few reasons - deprivation to only 2 pairs growing up or maybe it's my Filipina roots (I could be related to Imelda Marcos).

I rifled through sandals, boots, flats, pumps and sorted: out of style, worn out, this will come back, classic, etc. I sadly held my favorite Franco Sarto ankle boots for the last time - one of the decorative buckles was broken. These were the hardest to part with.

After all was said and done I discarded 9 pair of shoes. They will go to Love, Inc. Burlington, WI's community outreach center. I counted every pair of shoes in my closet - 55 pair. Not too bad. Compared to Carrie Bradshaw's 100 pairs and Imelda Marcos' 1060 pairs my shoe collection is conservative.

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