Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are you a nice girl?

It can be a problem. There are times in my life I have daydreamed about being the girl who can’t hold her tongue. I wish this on days a friend was catty, a boss was snippy or my mother in law spouted one too many opinions.

Tuesday I had friends of mine over for a luncheon (so Fancy Nancy of me). We were expounding on our children – good and not so good things. lol One of my friends pulled a piece of paper from her purse and handed it to me:
I had to laugh. It was the perfect sentiment – but so wrong. It was a page from a daily boxed calendar. What a fun gift for the girlfriends. I wanted one!! She leaned over and whispered “I keep it in my closet so the kids can’t read them.”

It may not be a politically correct calendar but it is a riot. There are things you may only imagine saying or things to file away for that Scarlett O’Hara moment. Display it where you wish – or where you can. Forget Emily Post, The Daily Bitch may become one of your best learning tools yet!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The only thing hotter than you in the kitchen is the oven!!

Over the past few days I have engaged in a Facebook conversation revolving around how 1950's a woman is if she is cooking dinner for her tired, hungry husband, on his way home from work, in her high heels with an apron on.

Well - why the heck not? First of all - if you look great you will be motivated to cook meals just for the fun of it. Second of all - cooking with a fabulous apron and the perfect shoes make the task feel effortless. Lastly - but definitely not the least - your husband will think it is the best dinner he's ever eaten - as you sashay past in your apron and heels looking over your shoulder with a wink.

So - recreate the glamour of the 1950's without the stereotypical machismo, cigarettes, and "How to be a Good Housewife" chapter in the home economics textbook (yes it did exist!). Cook up your own role - in and out of the kitchen;)

Order this apron: Biker Betties. Have fun cooking!!

Thank you Bridget:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Where, oh where is the sunshine???

If you live in the Midwest - a land of seemingly endless winter you know what I am talking about. The first sprinkle of snow after Thanksgiving promises the white Christmas we so anticipate. However, after 4 months of gray skies - the winter wonderland loses it's luster.

This Midwest girl's answer to staving off the winter blues is buying herself some happiness in a bottle. No - I'm not talking about 10 Cane Rum. I'm talking about adding a little bit of sunshine to my bountiful collection of nail polish.

The color of choice is OPI Conga-Line Coral from OPI's Spring 2009 South Beach line. According to In-Style Magazine coral is one of the hot colors to watch for this summer.

When I look down at the splash of color on my nails - it gets me through the day knowing summer is coming, and so is the sun, sun, sun!!