Monday, February 23, 2009

Where, oh where is the sunshine???

If you live in the Midwest - a land of seemingly endless winter you know what I am talking about. The first sprinkle of snow after Thanksgiving promises the white Christmas we so anticipate. However, after 4 months of gray skies - the winter wonderland loses it's luster.

This Midwest girl's answer to staving off the winter blues is buying herself some happiness in a bottle. No - I'm not talking about 10 Cane Rum. I'm talking about adding a little bit of sunshine to my bountiful collection of nail polish.

The color of choice is OPI Conga-Line Coral from OPI's Spring 2009 South Beach line. According to In-Style Magazine coral is one of the hot colors to watch for this summer.

When I look down at the splash of color on my nails - it gets me through the day knowing summer is coming, and so is the sun, sun, sun!!

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christyzee said...

oh...I like the other "bottle" idea too! Ohio weather is day we can have 6" of snow and a few days later we could be in the 40's! very nice blog! thank you for sharing!