Saturday, March 21, 2009

Summer shoe shopping share

Four is the new three…

Being a petite gal of 5’2 I am no stranger to heels. Forever waiting for my growth spurt to occur – I always need a little help to be average height. I love shoes, not only for their uplifting ways but because of the many choices they come in. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Last week I forayed several stores shoe racks. I was surprised to see that indeed the new 3 inch heel was 4 inches. I read about this phenomenon – but to actually see it – to actually try it on was another story. The highest heels I’ve worn, quite comfortably, are 3.5 inch heels. Most days I wear a 3 inch heel.

Scanning the shelves I chose a cute pair of t-strap heels in patent green – the heel was thin and I felt wobbly in them. Next I tried a similar pair in red with a more substantial heel – the difference was night and day. I had my stability back. I did a mirror check – very cute but there was so much more to see. Why limit myself?

2009 we go to battle...

One of the shoe trends seen on the spring runways was the gladiator style – strongly designed with Egyptian and Greek influences. I saw these in one store after another created with crocodile, snake, patent leather, pebbled leather, nylon, embellished with straps, studs, zippers, fringe, flowers, and jewels. The colors they came in were numerous - nude, black, bronze, yellow, green, orange, and fuchsia. Every style heel was plastered on these goddess or slave like shoes – whichever mood strikes you.

I grabbed a pair of basic black – but not so basic gladiator platform sandals by Nine West. I slipped them on. The hallelujah choir sounded and I felt transformed into Xena Warrior Princess. I towered over my sister – and could almost look my 5’9 daughter in the eye. With these shoes I could conquer the economic slump – especially for the price, under $100. Maybe this is what the designers had in mind? The shoe to make us stronger – ready to battle recession!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hostess in a hurry!

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon on a weekday. I am relieved the day is over, and look at the disarray my home is. Nothing is on the calendar. It will be nice to have a low key dinner and play some games with the children afterwards. The cleaning can wait.

My husband’s James Bond ring tone sounds from my cell phone in my purse. I frantically dig and find it buried at the very bottom. He quickly lets me know he is bringing a co-worker home. Ack! My dreams of a relaxing night have flown out the window in a 3 minute conversation.

Okay – breathe – "Om." Pick up, vacuum, clean the downstairs bathroom, and make a quick appetizer. With only 2 hours to spare I put on my mental Wonder Woman costume and get to work.

An hour and a half later the only thing left to tackle is my no fail appetizer.

Bree’s Bruschetta

Put on your apron & preheat oven to 350.

1 loaf French bread sliced 1 inch thick
1 10 oz jar Classico Traditional Basil Pesto
4 Roma or 2 regular tomatoes diced
1 8oz Mozzarella cheese grated

Place sliced bread on a cookie sheet. Spread 1 tablespoon pesto on each slice. Sprinkle with grated mozzarella and top with diced tomatoes. Place in oven for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and slightly golden on the edges. Wallah!

For all you Desperate Housewives fans the Bree I’m referring to in my recipe's name is Bree Van de Kamp of Wisteria Lane. Only looking like it has been made by Bree – someone as domestically challenged in the kitchen as Susan Mayer can make this. Serve with a nice red wine, of course adorning your glasses with wine charms and you are ready – no super powers needed!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting the Max

Now that I am older...let me rephrase that – now that I am savvy I want more. Yes – I want more for my money, more for my time, more for my efforts. This applies to my wardrobe these days as well. The economy, for one, is cramping my style. Forever a clothes horse I am ashamed to say I have tossed 3 month trends out the door with only a nanosecond of thought. I justify this by reminding myself most of them were sale items.

Spring is peeking around the corner and my closet is calling for new additions. I am forced to think what key pieces I will narrow my shopping down to. Fifteen years ago I wouldn’t have given a second thought to paying big bucks for a teeny bikini or micro mini. For that matter, I wouldn’t have given a thought to limiting my shopping. Today give me the maxi – the maxi dress that is.

It’s perfect. The maxi dress can be dressed down with sandals for day. For evening pair a maxi dress with strappy heels and key jewelry pieces for effortless elegance. Maximum coverage – I love those two words. No dieting is involved, pesky veins can be hidden, and the maxi comes in so many styles. You actually will pay for the amount of fabric you get – not the amount of fabric that isn’t there. Anyone can wear a maxi dress. The key is finding a style that suits your frame. Get the most for your summer and try a maxi dress on for size.