Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting the Max

Now that I am older...let me rephrase that – now that I am savvy I want more. Yes – I want more for my money, more for my time, more for my efforts. This applies to my wardrobe these days as well. The economy, for one, is cramping my style. Forever a clothes horse I am ashamed to say I have tossed 3 month trends out the door with only a nanosecond of thought. I justify this by reminding myself most of them were sale items.

Spring is peeking around the corner and my closet is calling for new additions. I am forced to think what key pieces I will narrow my shopping down to. Fifteen years ago I wouldn’t have given a second thought to paying big bucks for a teeny bikini or micro mini. For that matter, I wouldn’t have given a thought to limiting my shopping. Today give me the maxi – the maxi dress that is.

It’s perfect. The maxi dress can be dressed down with sandals for day. For evening pair a maxi dress with strappy heels and key jewelry pieces for effortless elegance. Maximum coverage – I love those two words. No dieting is involved, pesky veins can be hidden, and the maxi comes in so many styles. You actually will pay for the amount of fabric you get – not the amount of fabric that isn’t there. Anyone can wear a maxi dress. The key is finding a style that suits your frame. Get the most for your summer and try a maxi dress on for size.

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