Saturday, March 21, 2009

Summer shoe shopping share

Four is the new three…

Being a petite gal of 5’2 I am no stranger to heels. Forever waiting for my growth spurt to occur – I always need a little help to be average height. I love shoes, not only for their uplifting ways but because of the many choices they come in. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Last week I forayed several stores shoe racks. I was surprised to see that indeed the new 3 inch heel was 4 inches. I read about this phenomenon – but to actually see it – to actually try it on was another story. The highest heels I’ve worn, quite comfortably, are 3.5 inch heels. Most days I wear a 3 inch heel.

Scanning the shelves I chose a cute pair of t-strap heels in patent green – the heel was thin and I felt wobbly in them. Next I tried a similar pair in red with a more substantial heel – the difference was night and day. I had my stability back. I did a mirror check – very cute but there was so much more to see. Why limit myself?

2009 we go to battle...

One of the shoe trends seen on the spring runways was the gladiator style – strongly designed with Egyptian and Greek influences. I saw these in one store after another created with crocodile, snake, patent leather, pebbled leather, nylon, embellished with straps, studs, zippers, fringe, flowers, and jewels. The colors they came in were numerous - nude, black, bronze, yellow, green, orange, and fuchsia. Every style heel was plastered on these goddess or slave like shoes – whichever mood strikes you.

I grabbed a pair of basic black – but not so basic gladiator platform sandals by Nine West. I slipped them on. The hallelujah choir sounded and I felt transformed into Xena Warrior Princess. I towered over my sister – and could almost look my 5’9 daughter in the eye. With these shoes I could conquer the economic slump – especially for the price, under $100. Maybe this is what the designers had in mind? The shoe to make us stronger – ready to battle recession!

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