Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The only thing hotter than you in the kitchen is the oven!!

Over the past few days I have engaged in a Facebook conversation revolving around how 1950's a woman is if she is cooking dinner for her tired, hungry husband, on his way home from work, in her high heels with an apron on.

Well - why the heck not? First of all - if you look great you will be motivated to cook meals just for the fun of it. Second of all - cooking with a fabulous apron and the perfect shoes make the task feel effortless. Lastly - but definitely not the least - your husband will think it is the best dinner he's ever eaten - as you sashay past in your apron and heels looking over your shoulder with a wink.

So - recreate the glamour of the 1950's without the stereotypical machismo, cigarettes, and "How to be a Good Housewife" chapter in the home economics textbook (yes it did exist!). Cook up your own role - in and out of the kitchen;)

Order this apron: Biker Betties. Have fun cooking!!

Thank you Bridget:)

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