Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something Old Something New

Eventually fashion trends come back in style, right? We hang onto those outmoded oldies. I have a fitted Shania Twain inspired shiny snakeskin print sleeveless mock turtleneck hanging in the back of my closet. I even have a pair of black jeans splashed with a rather large red and yellow flower print. Oh – and I can’t forget the black leather pants! I have no idea why I am holding onto these items. Actually the leather pants I paid too much for. I am keeping those on principle

It makes more sense to keep jewelry. Jewelry takes up less space, and is easy to make fresh again with a “now” outfit. What about grandma’s hand me down costume jewelry, reminiscent of a time everyday women wore dresses, men wore suits, and ice cream was a nickel? What do we do with the Bakelite necklace with the broken clasp, or the rhinestone earrings without a match?

Cece Vintage Trouve takes old baubles and turns them into your newest treasure. Jewelry artist, Nicole Quigley, applies today’s go green mantra – reduce, reuse, recycle to her designs. Earrings are made into rings, typewriter keys into bracelets…Nicole’s creations are many. Custom orders are welcome – great for bridal shower gifts, wedding jewelry, or just for you.

Contact Nicole at for something worth keeping!

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