Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beauty & the Beast

Fifty is the new thirty & it’s looking like it these days. People are taking better care of themselves. Centenarians are popping up in the news as often as inside traders. Diets are better, exercise is in.

This brings to mind self preservation & maintenance – or as a gorgeous relative of mine has named it rejuvenation therapy. She is fifty & fabulous, but always mistaken for a much younger age. Followers of rejuvenation therapy include Courtney Cox, Madonna, Lisa Rinna, & Meg Ryan. Who knows, maybe even the 1st Lady? Gasp!

Botox, Restylane, & Juvederm are popular chemical forms of rejuvenation therapy. Breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reductions, & tummy tucks are popular forms of surgical rejuvenation therapy. These procedures are common & not exorbitantly priced. The question is if they are so common why are they still considered somewhat taboo?

Let me paint a scenario. A group of women are gathered in a restaurant for a night out – each woman has a glass of her favorite poison.

One woman begins: “Did you see Sara? She got a boob job.”

“No!” Intakes of breath are heard.

“I think she looks great. In fact I’m thinking of getting a tummy tuck,” Nancy bravely announces.

“You are so pretty. Your husband adores you. If he thinks you’re sexy you don’t need to get that done.” “God made you the way you are.” “Everyone has extra skin from having babies. It’s a badge of honor.” “We’re all getting older. It’s natural.” “Come with me to my Absolute Abs class. Hans is fantastic.” Her friends all chime in. She is silenced & the topic changes. Anne is salivating over a $500 mirror from Ethan Allen.

Whoa! What just happened? When did buying a pricey decoration over ride the support of a friend’s personal body choice?

Nancy’s husband may think she’s incredibly desirable, but she doesn’t feel that way. God did make Nancy the way she is. He also created talented surgeons. As for extra skin being a badge of honor – it’s not one many want to wear. We are all getting older, and why not better? Yes – going to Absolute Abs is great for abdominal muscles but it’s not going to tighten stretched skin. Nancy isn’t harming anyone, why aren’t her friends raising their glasses and toasting her decision?

As I get ready for bed each night & apply preventative eye wrinkle cream I wonder how much longer it will work. I notice faint lines on my forehead and a few lines trying to etch themselves around my eyes. I entertain the idea of Botox & then shudder a little envisioning some crazy allergic reaction I’ll have to it. My vanity may win, and I might find myself in a cold dermatologist’s office with sweaty hands for a consult someday. If the time comes I want to hear a few comforting words, or even have a friend to sit with in the waiting room. Maybe we can laugh about the idea of me coming out looking like Donatella Versace? If you disapprove please do so quietly, and I won’t say anything about your ugly mirror.

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