Friday, March 19, 2010

Bloomin' Crazy

In the Midwest if you look around signs of spring are everywhere. The sun is shining, it’s almost 70 degrees, days are getting longer and the birds are chirping. Melted snow reveals mud, brown grass and residual dog do irresponsible citizens left behind. I dream of tulips, crocus and daffodils. I make a run to the fresh market’s floral department and grab a bouquet of hot pink tulips. I need to brighten my world and erase the mucky canvas from my mind.

Standing at the check out line I eye the latest issue of In Style magazine on the news stand. The word "color" pops out at me alongside Gwen Stefani’s fabulous royal blue garb – anything but drab. I grab a copy and throw it on the conveyer belt.

Later in the afternoon I find some time before my spring fevered children arrive home from school to sit on my front porch and enjoy the sun. With a ginger ale in one hand and my In Style magazine in the other I’m ready to peruse the newest trends. If only my college anthropology teacher could see my study habits now.

I open the magazine and after turning a few pages I am mentally clapping my hands. Spring 2010 is a good year to be a girly girl. Splashed throughout the fashion bible are clothes and accessories in brilliant colors and flirty prints adorned with ruffles, bows and rosettes. How fun!

I go into the house, and return outside with my laptop. Technology is wonderful! I hit the Internet full speed. I love the Coach Madison Floral Audrey bag, Kate Spade’s Cross My Heart Rosette Sweater Tank, H&M’s Garden Collection dress (eco friendly, made from recycled fabric), and the piece de resistance Steve Madden’s Ven Rosette Platform Wedge.

My 1990’s flower child devil is speaking to me on one shoulder whispering, "You need to shop, shop, shop!" My 2010 angel, with the face of Suze Orman, says clearly with nothing to hide – "You have spring fever. Wait." I grudgingly swipe 1990’s flower child devil from my shoulder and chalk up the strong urge to shop as temporary sun induced insanity. After all, being a Midwesterner, I should know better – the sun is teasing me today. Snow is in the forecast this weekend. I file away my spring wish list to the back of mind for another day…in May.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! Very clever and very true!!