Monday, April 12, 2010

The Age Limit

I sit in front of my laptop wearing a crystal tiara hoping it will act as a receptor for a little divine inspiration. I hear a voice in my head. It is not God or an angel – it is my mother in law. She is 6 foot tall with the build and voice of a Viking goddess. Those of you who know her can see her in a helmet with horns belting out opera. In fact she does belt out opera minus the headdress. My recollection is of her asking curtly “When are you going to start dressing your age?”

What is the age limit, am I driving it?

First of all I consider the source. My mother in law doesn’t have time for trends. Sh
e considers fashion silly – and sticks to basics. Then the questions start rolling. Will I be the granny in gold spandex pants and drippy skinned arms adorned with rhinestone cuffs? When is trendy tasteless?

Let me clarify I have never owned, or will ever own a pair of gold spandex pants. I’ll leave
that look to the lady I saw at the fresh market last week with bleached blonde hair, teased bangs, fake nails, leathered skin and 80’s clothes. It’s better to be sporting the trends of the season than the bad ones from the past.

Trendy or tasteless – who is the judge? Here lies the problem. What looks good is subjective and style is relative. Someone may find the trend of jeans at a semiformal event tacky – yet current trend dictates nice jeans paired with a flowing blouse, statement jewelry and high heels dressy.

Personal style does not have an age limit. Fashion allows people to express themselves - bohemian, preppy, retro, sporty, Jersey, city girl, cow girl, school marm... The possibilities are endless.

If you care to take the time and don’t take yourself too seriously….the real question is when are you going to stop being stylish?

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